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       Huizhou national exhibition electronics group is a national high-tech enterprise, mainly producing flexible circuit board and LED packaging products. The company is committed to the production of the core components of famous brands such as philips, GE, osram, opp, sanxiong aurora and Buddha. The national exhibition has obtained a total of 233 patent applications and has obtained 146 awards. Through technological innovation, the national exhibition continues to provide high-quality products and services to the industry and customers.

      Company was founded in 2004, is now developing for huizhou and two production bases and more branches in tongling, anhui, and Beijing university of science and technology, south China normal university and other famous domestic well-known enterprises in colleges and universities and research institutions set up a production base, set up the guangdong province engineering technology research and development center, and south China normal university set up postdoctoral innovation practice base, at the same time, both groups also undertake Chinese aerospace station flexible wing battery research and development of major projects, power the country's aerospace business booming!